Sunday, May 21, 2006


I had'nt realized what an opportunity it is to "blog". Specifically for them who are truly destined for this. They can shine, just like they are; and no-one can run-over or run them away. I never knew the internet could be so effective as a means of reaching out to others where they are. Oh I said it within my mouth; but the reality itself was strikingly sutble. As the saying goes:

"Many hear The Soul, while fools merely blab' out about it!!!
Meanwhile, a few perceive it flawlessly, while others poorly demonstrate its' power. Then the few who understand The Soul are made victorious by the meek, who would never really even give it a second thought at all."

To me life is a journey into the unknown; blissful and joyous. It is something that needs said, which will be said! But let those called to say it know this; you are no more "chosen" than the meek hearted or the simple minded. The Real Truth is so delicate and intricately subtle, that authorized presentation of it is easily and more often than not, derailed by many words. It is my hope that they who are "called" do not fall away from "that" which is rediculously obvious.